Hi, my name is NAME HERE, part owner and creator of  digitalartscamp.com. from a young age, I have had love for art and artistic expression. I always knew I would pursue a career in art. with a master degree in design, and 5-year experience in the field one of my main aims is to help artistic people understand and use their skills better.

Our goals

Digitalarstcamp is a free resource blog created and run by top artists from different origins. Our main aim is to provide the reader with good quality and expert content on digital art as well as other forms of art. The website is created to cater for your needs as an expert in digital art but also beginner friendly for people looking to learn something new about digital art and more.

Our team – the writers

We pride ourselves in the content presented on this website, this has driven us to deliver honest, and well researched information to the viewer. We work with a number of artists, content creators, writers, editors and designers to ensure I deliver modern and well though content to the viewer. You can trust us to bring you the most modern and eye-catching design content that will help you transform your artistic skills from a zero to expert level type of content. We hope to reach and inspire people from different parts of the world with our artistic points of view.

Editorial guidelines

Our growing team of experts is focused on making sure the content on our site is informative as well as useful to you, the reader. Our research team works effortlessly to ensure all the techniques, and products mentioned are well tested so the content can be real, free and unbiased for the reader who will actually learn something from it.