Word of mouth is often the best form of compliment and the best form of promotion. We offer the following types of available discounts to help you save money, and to help us promote this fun summer camp. Please help us spread the word about this event by sending an email link to your friends and co-workers.

30% VETERANS Discount
In honor of our Veterans, we offer a 30% discount for the children of Veterans. If you are eligible, please provide documents when enrolling. Also, if you know of a Veteran Family, please pass along our website info. This program is a WONDERFUL Summer distraction/entertainment for a child who misses his/her parent.

30% SIBLING Discounts
We know it’s tough to afford camp when you have two or more children. A 30% discount on the total tuition fee for siblings should solve that problem! Additionally, you can receive an additional 5% discount if you are able to form a group of 10 students into a single session.

15% GROUP Discounts
Help us fill a single session with 9 of your child’s favorite friends and classmates (10 total) and we will offer each family a 15% discount!

10% BEST BUDDY Referral
Refer our program to your child’s “Best Buddy” or any other family, and you will receive a 10% discount if they enroll. Please let us know who you have referred upon your enrollment.

FREE tuition for your child
You can receive 10% discount for each person you refer. If you refer 10 children, your child’s tuition will be FREE! (Offer is only valid for referrals made at the time you make your payment.)