digital arts

Most people are only familiar with traditional artistic media like oil, acrylic and watercolors. Digital art has been here for the least amount of time when compared to other art forms but taking the lead in today’s world of art.

Digital painting lets you create beautiful artwork without having to deal with the mess that involves oils, paints paper and brushed.  While it may require the same techniques and skills you use for traditional painting, it is easier when compared.

Digital painting basically allows you to make a painting on your computer. Digital painting is faster than real life painting because you do not have to take time for the paint to dry. It is by far a lo less messy; no paint running all over your clothes and carpets. Also, digital painting allows you to work more creatively and faster.  Digital tools allow you to formulate and use new methods of working.

One of the biggest problems you might face when moving from traditional painting to digital illustrations is getting the set up and choosing a device to start with. Below are a few pointers that will help you start creating digital art in peace

You will need a computer

For people who already own one, you will not need to purchase a new one.  A laptop will work as great when it comes to drawing digital illustrations for beginners. Modern laptops have enough system requirements, space and precision for digital drawing.

If you work with a computer that freezes or lags, you should consider getting a new one.  Look for computer devices that can support digital drawing and art programmes. While 4GB is enough for digital illustrations, it is better to get bigger memory to store all your digital paintings after you are done.

Get illustration software

Freestyling on a digital page is kind of hard, especially for beginners. Lucky for you, you can start your digital drawing practices with drawing applications and programmes. There exist multiple freeware and professionally paid applications and programmes to help beginners create digital art easily.

Some illustration software may be expensive because the have advanced options and features. This does not necessarily mean that they are easier to work with. Free applications give you free hands on experience; you can also opt for advanced illustration software that offers a free trial and pay for the subscription if you like it.

The pen tablets

You can connect the phone tablet on your computer to make a digital illustration or draw. Pen tablets allow beginners to create smooth lines easily. Pen tablets come in different sizes and specifications to cater for different needs. pen tablets gradually grow short and require replacement after a certain period of use.

Final word

Getting started with digital art is not as hard as most people put it out to be. To make the process easier, start by learning the foundation skills required to make a digital illustration. This helps digital art learning process easy for you. Do not start by drawing complicated images otherwise it will not be a fun experience for you.