Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you don’t see your question here, please email us at

Will my child be on the computer ALL day?

Absolutely not. We realize the children should not be behind a screen ALL day. We will have group activities, such as a “Minors Jeopardy”, Origami, Drawing, and even Dance, Dance Revolution, a popular physical game that involves coordinated step movements that gets you MOVING!

Will my child be creating the games on a PC or MAC iOS computer?

The games are developed on a PC at our facility, and if your child is willing to do the extra work to to port the game over to a MAC, it is possible for him/her to play the game on a MAC iOS computer.

Will my child be able to put his/her game on a website for others to download?

Yes. Your child will be able to put their game on the vendor’s website, downloadable by anyone to use and play. However, if you/your child wants to maintain the rights to the game that he/she has developed, then it is advisable that he/she not upload the game to the vendor’s website.

Will my child's game be placed on the Apple Store? (Apple's Game Download)

Not necessarily. There are some “HURDLES” to go thru. There are two licenses that are required to begin the process to submit a game to the Apple Store. First, there is the license required by the game vendor ($149, per year payable to vendor). Second, there is the Apple Developer License, ($99 per year, payable to Apple). Keep in mind that you are not REQUIRED to purchase these license to enroll in Digital Arts Camp! You only need to purchase these if you/your child wants to take game making seriously. Keep in mind that even if the game your child creates and sells for $0.99 on the Apple Store, you would need to have 298 people download it before you can recover the cost of the license. So it may not be practical to do so. Finally, keep in mind that just because you/your child purchases the license and submits a game to Apple for production, it does not mean that Apple will necessarily approve your child’s game for distribution. They are in STRICT control of all applications submitted to them and Digital Arts Camp cannot override Apple’s decision.

How do you submit your game to Apple (TM) Store?

First, you need to purchase the license from our Vendor ($149, payable to vendor), and second you need to purchase the Apple Developer License ($99/year payable to Apple). The process to port the game from a PC to iOS is rather complicated and the instructor at Digital Arts Camp will assist any student who wants to accomplish this. Digital Arts Camp purchases the necessary license, any any games published will be under the Digital Arts Camp license structure.

Will my child maintain the rights to his/her game?

It depends. If your child wants to upload their game for other’s to play on the vendor’s website, then essentially, he/she is giving up the rights to the game, because anyone can get the same idea of your child’s game and then recreate that same game (i.e. there is no copyright of your child’s game). On the other hand, if your child wants to maintain the rights of his/her game, then he/she should NOT upload their game to the vendor’s site. This will leave open the option for you to purchase the necessary license for yourself, so you can publish the games under your OWN licenses.

When is payment due?

Regardless of when you register, payment will not be applied until one week prior to the start of the session. This gives you maximum time to deal with last-minute scheduling changes. We will call you the Monday before your session starts and request payment information over the phone.

What is your refund policy?

You are entitled to cancel your enrollment with a 100% refund 2 weeks prior to the 1st day of your session. If you must cancel for any reason, you will be entitled to a 50% refund. If you are able to refer another client to replace your child in that session, you will be entitled to a 100% refund. This is a win-win for everyone. Please ask the new enrollee to mention your name when they register.

What happens if I'm late picking up my child, past 5:30 pm

Digital Arts Camp is committed to our the families who enroll. If you are late picking up your child, you need not worry about being a few minutes late. But we would appreciate if you pick them up no later than 5:30 pm. A nominal fee of $5.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes after 5:30 pm.

Can I get a multi-child discount?

Of Course… we offer a 30% discount for your second child! See all Available Discounts.