digital art skills

Getting a digital graphics tablet is as exciting as getting your first acrylic/oil paint, brushes, and painting paper. Just like the first time you started painting, it will be hard for you to stop yourself from painting all the ideas you have gathered up in your head. Still, you find yourself making mistakes and creating worse paintings than you expected largely because you are not used to this form of painting.

Don’t give up so easily, even the most successful digital artists started out that way. We all have so much to learn to avoid creating stagnant or non-creative pieces of art. it is not just about learning how to use a new software or getting the best pencils available online, learning digital art is about refining and refreshing your art skills to create unique and brilliant visuals.

Here is how you can improve your digital drawing skills fast

Paint with light only – usually, most people will start on a white canvas and work their way up as they continue to improve their digital drawing skills. It is the default when you want to paint both light and shadow. Sketch on a plain white, invert the colors, lower the opacity and use this as the blueprint for your drawing.

Limit the number of colors you use – there are endless colors when it comes to digital drawing, perhaps that’s what makes it confusing for beginners. While there is no guide to using some of the color it is never a good idea to start using random colors. Most objects have limited color pallets, which is why it is much convenient to use a maximum of 4/5 colors when you are a new artist.

Copy colors from real life things – in all forms of art, photos are a good reference when you are trying to color your art in. For real life art, reality might be a better reference to pick colors for your digital drawing but with photos, you can use a color picker to determine exactly which tones have been applied to the image.

Use a bigger brush while painting – painting is an expression of the visions in our head. Some visions may seem complete from the start but as you continue painting you notice that some concepts need real change. The solution is to create different levels of details so you can choose the best out of the bunch. Do not limit yourself to just one type of brush and do not waste your time trying to find the perfect brush. Using different brushed will help you keep the uniformity and transition of the pictures.

Study before you start painting – it is always a good idea to learn a thing or two before you start the painting job. Do not start painting out of the blue and expect the picture to come out perfect, especially if you have not drawn that kind of object before.

Some other things you could do to improve your digital drawing skills include; sketching on the regular, working on your figure drawing, character drawing practice and working on composition of the picture among other things.